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Learn to Skate 2023/24

Learn to Skate is offered throughout the school year.  Classes are available during the day for preschool and 1/2 day kindergartners. And, new this year, Saturday morning sessions at our St Louis Park facility.

The MN Made Hockey Learn to Skate Program is a unique hockey based program taught by hockey coaches and structured to get your little athlete ready to play. It creates a foundation for playing the game by introducing your son or daughter some beginning skills needed for playing hockey.

The little athletes will learn to be comfortable skating with hockey equipment on and skating with a hockey stick in their hands. They will learn to have fun on the ice with skating games and also get a little structure to help them prepare for organized hockey.

SUMMER LEARN TO SKATE is offered currently in three sessions. CLICK HERE for more information and registration.


Corey Stark, Director/Lead Instructor

P: 952-746-9033
D: 952-641-6865
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Weekday Edina Session Dates:

Session #1 - Aug. 28 - Oct. 5 (off 9/4)
Session #2 - Oct. 9 - Nov. 18

Session #3 - Nov. 27 - Jan. 20 (off 12/23-1/5)    
Session #4 - Jan. 22 - Mar. 2  
Session #5 - Mar 4 - April 27 (off 3/25-4/6)


Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday
available at Edina only 

Morning Session          10:30 am-11:15 am   
Afternoon Session         1:30 pm-2:15 pm

45 Minute Sessions - Twice a Week

Morning and Afternoon Sessions Available


$335/athlete per session for 12 classes
(Save $150 if you sign up for all 5 sessions by August 1st)

Saturdays @ SLP Session Dates:
Saturdays only available at SLP Rink

Session #1 - Sept. 2 - Oct. 7
Session #2 - Oct. 14 - Nov. 18

Session #3 - Dec. 2 - Jan. 20     
Session #4 - Jan 27 - Mar. 2    
Session #5 - Mar 9 - Apr 27

45 Minute Sessions - Saturday Mornings
9:00am  |  9:45am  |  10:30am  |  11:15am
$200/athlete for 6 sessions - 1x/week

Important Info:
All skaters must wear hockey equipment

Equipment REQUIRED:

Hockey Skates
Hockey Helmet with Mask
Hockey Gloves
Elbow Pads
Shin Pads
​Hockey Stick

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