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What Clinic Should We Sign Up For?

By MMH, 12/27/21, 6:15PM CST


we did that one last summer

One of the most common misconceptions that parents have when inquiring about hockey training is that once they have done a clinic they are done and ready to move on to another. In reality, hockey isn't like that.

It may be in school that once you learn a lesson you can move on to the next lesson. And, each one builds on the next with a growing level of mastery based on the lessons one finishes. But, sports and especially ones with complex skill sets like hockey are not like that. Complex skills that require repetition and practice are more like the mastery of a musical instrument. No person can take a piano or guitar lesson and claim expertise and move on to the next.

This is the same path that athletes journey. Golfers round the course for years practicing the art of the swing, the speed of the rotation, the eye to plan strategy. Gymnasts practice thousands of flips and sustain countless tumbles in the quest to perfect each routine. And, hockey players must repetitively practice their skating, stickhandling, passing skills for years to accomplish mastery. Performing the same drills over and over, quicker and faster will eventually allow the muscle memory to react and perform at high levels.

Confidence comes through improvement and improvement comes from practice. The more an athlete practices the more fun and success they will experience and goals they will attain. So embrace repetition on the road to mastery - the journey may be as fun in the end as the destination.